When I asked a contact in the banking business about getting started with real estate investing, he referred me to Jeremy Bockman with Twin Team Properties.  In the past year Jeremy has researched and evaluated several properties for me. After passing on a number of "marginal" deals, Jeremy recommended and we made offers on two properties he felt would be the most profitable. He found the properties, assisted me with the purchase, had his crew renovate the homes and listed them for me.  Both properties sold in less than a week on the market and I profited over $30,000.  He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the entire process and his brother's renovation crew did a top notch job as well.  I am very comfortable that Jeremy has my best interests in mind as we continue to seek opportunities now and in the future. I would definitely recommend Jeremy and Twin Team Properties.

Michael Ray

I’ve worked with Jeremy Bockman  of Twin Team Properties for over 7 years and in that time he has proven himself to be an expert in the Real Estate Investing field.  During that time he has helped me locate and acquire numerous rental properties as well as several homes that I was able to buy and re-sell for a profit.  I would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to work with a true professional in Real Estate!


Chris Haynes